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Calling out Guylw

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Calling out Guylw Empty Calling out Guylw

Post  BigBlue056 on Sun Jul 22, 2012 2:33 pm

Guylw is constantly asking in chat for people to play him in an MLB 2k12 card game. Well Guylw I would love to play you in a card the biggest card game in MUT EVO HISTORY! I am going to wager my entire team nearly 60 mil in value...
#'d Spikes
Club Harrison
PO Harrison
PO Sproles
PO Dickerson
10 mil in coins

All of that versus the one card I want, the one card that I have tried to get for months, the one card that i had a deal with in place with flamingkent before he backed out and dealt it to you (I do not hold that against you, i hold that against him).... #'d TD LT. The rules are simple 9 innings, pro, Cardinals vs Angels. This game will be live-streamed to the entire evo community so everyone can witness the GAME OF THE CENTURY! So why not accept my challenge? Madden 13 comes out in a month, and if you win you will have a great shot at completing the TD collection. A great man once said, "You gotta risk it, to get the biscuit."

p.s. this fight has been approved and promoted by Don King himself
Calling out Guylw Don-king

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